Partition Drive-Undamaged Fail or Folder

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Men need to create partition of their hard disk. Supposed you create two partition on your hard disk Like (C) & (D). Now you need to create a more partition like (E). That means you need to break your partition (D). Now to create a new partition (E) you may to format your partition (D). But now a day’s windows 7 & windows 8 have a default program name Shrink Volume. By this program you can add drive & release drive. By it you can create more drive to break a drive without undamaged any file or folder. After that you can add two drives by Extend Volume. By the by this Shrink Volume & Extend Volume is only for Logical Drive, Not for Primary Drive.

How can I Create drive without damaged any file or folder?

Steep-1: Go to Manage of Your My Computer. My ComputerRight ClickManage.

Steep-2: Disk ManagementRight Click (which drive wish to break)Shrink Volume.

Partition Drive-Undamaged Fail-1

Steep-3: Select Disk Space (How much wish in MB)Shrink.

Partition Drive-Undamaged Fail-2

Steep-4: Now you can see your new drive. Then Right Click (New Drive)New Simple VolumeNextNextFinish (Format). Then use your new drive & let’s start……..

To add drive together

Steep-5: Complete Steep-1

Steep-6: Right Click (New Drive) ► Delete Volume

Steep-7: Right Click (Old Drive)Extend VolumeNextNextFinish.Partition Drive-Undamaged Fail-3