Illustrator Shortcut Keys & Function

Illustrator is most wonderful Graphic Design software. Logo, 2D & 3D etc work done by this software. There are many short cut keys for Illustrator. Old men who are know about Illustrator & its function, this post is not for them. On the other hand who is new user of Illustrator, this post is for them. Who are use Illustrator as a new user I share Illustrator Shortcut Keys & Function. Let’s Learn about it. This shortcut keys save your valuable time. Otherwise it creates your work will easy to easiest. So it should be know about this Illustrator Shortcut Keys & Function.

Shortcut Keys

Function or Work


Direct Selection Tool


Paintbrush Tool


Scissors Tool


Default Fill & Stroke


Free Transform Tool


Full Screen


Gradient Tool


Hand Tool


Eyedropper Tool


Column Graph Tool


Paint Bucket Tool


Ellipse Tool


Rectangle Tool


Pencil Tool


Reflect Tool


Pen Tool


Lasso Tool


Rotate Tool


Scale Tool


Type Tool


Gradient Mesh Tool


Selection Tool


Blend Tool


Fill & Stroke Color


Magic Wand Tool


Zoom Tool


Add Anchor Point Tool

Delete Anchor Point Tool
Line Segment Tool


Illustrator Help (Only Online)


Show & Hide Layer


Show & Hide Info


Show & Hide Gradient Palette




Exit Full Screen Mode

Up Button

Move Up For Selected Item

Down Button

Move Down For Selected Item

Left Button

Move Left For Selected Item

Right Button

Move Right For Selected Item

Ctrl + A

Select All Document

Ctrl + B

Paste on Copy Place

Ctrl + C

Copy Selected Item

Ctrl + D

Transform Again

Ctrl + E

Apply Last Filter

Ctrl + F

Past in Font as Copy Place

Ctrl + G

Group Make

Ctrl + H

Show & Hide Edges

Ctrl + I

Show & Hide Color palette

Ctrl + J

Join Selected 2 Anchor

Ctrl + K

Shown Preferences Dialog Box

Ctrl + L

Create Layer on Opened Page

Ctrl + M

Show & Hide Paragraph Palette

Ctrl + N

Shown New Document Dialog Box

Ctrl + O

Open a Stored File

Ctrl + P

Print Document

Ctrl + Q

Exit or Quit Illustrator

Ctrl + R

Show & Hide Rulers

Ctrl + S

Save Document

Ctrl + T

Show & Hide Character Palette

Ctrl + U

Smart Guides

Ctrl + V

Past Copied Thing

Ctrl + W

Close Document

Ctrl + X

Cut Selected Item

Ctrl + Y

Preview & Outline View

Ctrl + Z

Undo to Last Option

Ctrl + ]

Bring Forward

Ctrl + [

Send Backward

Ctrl + 2

Lock Selected Item

Ctrl + /

Add New Fill

Ctrl + 5

Make Guides

Ctrl + 8

Compound Path Make

Ctrl + Spacebar + Click

Zoom In

Ctrl + Enter

Apply Value & Scale Option For Height & Width

Ctrl + F8

Show & Hide Info Panel

Ctrl + F9

Show & Hide Gradient Panel

Ctrl + F10

Show & Hide Stroke Panel

Ctrl + F11

Show & Hide Attributes Panel

Shift + B

Blob Brush Tool

Shift + C

Convert Anchor Point Tool

Shift + D

Switch Through Drawing Modes

Shift + E

Eraser Tool

Shift + K

Slice Tool

Shift + L

Live Paint Selection Tool

Shift + M

Shape Builder Tool

Shift + O

Artboard Tool

Shift + P

Perspective Grid Tool

Shift + R

Warp Tool

Shift + S

Symbol Sprayer Tool

Shift + V

Perspective Selection Tool

Shift + W

Width Tool

Shift + X

Swap Fill & Stroke

Shift + F5

Show & Hide Graphic Styles Panel

Shift + F6

Show & Hide Appearance Panel

Shift + F7

Show & Hide Align Panel

Shift + F8

Show & Hide Transform Panel

Shift + Enter

Insert Soft Return

Shift + Tab

Show & Hide Panels & Control Panel

Shift + Up Arrow

Increase Selected Item With Large Space (1o pts)

Shift + Down Arrow

Decreases Selected Item With Large Space (1o pts)

Shift + Left Arrow

Left Selected Item With Large Space (1o pts)

Shift + Right Arrow

Right Selected Item With Large Space (1o pts)

Alt + Enter

Apply Value & Copy Object

Ctrl + Shift + A

Deselect All Selected Item

Ctrl + Shift + B

Show & Hide Bounding Box

Ctrl + Shift + C

Align Center For Paragraph

Ctrl + Shift + D

Show & Hide Transparency Grid

Ctrl + Shift + E

Apply Last Effect

Ctrl + Shift + F

Justify Last Line

Ctrl + Shift + G


Ctrl + Shift + H

Show & Hide Artboards

Ctrl + Shift + I

Perspective Grid

Ctrl + Shift + J

Justify Paragraph

Ctrl + Shift + L

Align Left For Paragraph

Ctrl + Shift + O

Create Outlines

Ctrl + Shift + P

Page Setup & Print Setup dialog box

Ctrl + Shift + Q

Reset Kerning & Tracking to 0

Ctrl + Shift + R

Align Right For Paragraph

Ctrl + Shift + S

Show Save as Dialog Box

Ctrl + Shift + T

Show & Hide Tab For Ruler Palette

Ctrl + Shift + W

Show & Hide Template

Ctrl + Shift + X

Reset Horizontal Scale to 100%

Ctrl + Shift + Z

Redo Last… Undo Item

Ctrl + Shift + ]

Bring To Front

Ctrl + Shift + [

Send To Back

Ctrl + Shift + F6

Navigate Previous Document

Ctrl + Shift + F9

Show & Hide Pathfinder Panel

Ctrl + Shift + F10

Show & Hide Transparency Panel

Ctrl + Shift + F11

Show & Hide Symbols Panel

Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow

Selected Word Right

Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow

Selected Word Left

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + B

Blend Release or Remove

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + J

Average & Join 2 Selected Anchor

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 2

Lock Deselected Item

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 3

Hide Deselected Item

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F6

Navigate Previous Document Group

Ctrl + Alt + A

Select Artwork in Active Artboard

Ctrl + Alt + B

Blend Making

Ctrl + Alt + D

Show Transform Each Dialog Box

Ctrl + Alt + E

Show Last Filter Dialog box (reopen)

Ctrl + Alt + G

Show & Hide Gradient Arrow

Ctrl + Alt + J

Average Selected 2 Anchor

Ctrl + Alt + P

Show Page Setup Dialog Box

Ctrl + Alt + S

Show Save As Dialog Box

Ctrl + Alt + Y

Pixel Preview

Ctrl + Alt + /

Add New Stroke

Ctrl + Alt + 3

Show Hided Deselected Item

Ctrl + Alt + 7

Send Backward

Ctrl + Alt + 8

Compound Path Release

Ctrl + Alt + F6

Navigate Next Document Group

Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar + Click

Zoom Out

Ctrl + Alt + Tab

Switch Between Selection & Direct Selection tools

Shift + Alt + Drag

Cut at 45° or 90° With Knife Tool