Who’s Online Visitor in WordPress

Hi friends how are you. Wishing you are well. Now I describe a nice plugins of wordpress.

A plugins name Mechanic Who’s Online Visitor who show or display the number of visitor are visiting your wordpress blog or site. It is a simple plugins who is available in wrdpress. You can easily install or upload it on your wordpress site for check that who are visiting your site. You can use this plugins as widgets in your website. It is easy to install. It will be easier to read steeps bellow….

Whos Online Visitor in WordPress

How to install the plugins?
Steep-1. Sign in your wordpress site.Go to your dashboard ► plugins ► add new ►search by keywords Mechanic Who’s Online Visitor ► Install Now ► Active Plugin.
Steep-2. Make sure that Mechanic Who’s Online Visitor plugin is installed from dashboard ► plugins.
Steep-3. Now go dashboard ► Appearance ► Widgets ► Use Mechanic-Who is Online as a widget.
Steep-4. Then save your widgets and done your work.

Other way you can download & then upload this to your site. After that active plugins & follow before steep.

Click here to download Mechanic Who’s Online Visitor.

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