Send email from other email services

Men use many mail addresses like Yahoo-mail, G–mail, Ovi-mail & Domain-mail etc. If you wish to sand mail from each mail address you have to login & logout for everyone. Yahoo mail has an option name Send and receive email from other email services give a grate opportunity.  You can sand mail from many addresses using one mail address. It is easy to do. You can do it easily. There are some steep which make it easier to do this. See those steep and enjoy Send email from other email services.

Steep-1. Sign in your mail (which wishes to use always).

Steep-2. Go to SettingMail Options.

Then you can see new windows like below.

Send email from other email services

Steep-3. click Mail AccountsAdd

Steep-4. Fill your name (any one) ► Fill your demo mail address (from which mail do you sand mail using yahoo) ► Continue.

Steep-5. Skip this, setup to Sand only.

Steep-6. Now go to your mail account (Which fill you, Demo address or invisible mail address or without login address) ► you can see a new verification mail. Click the verification mail link.

After verification your mail, you use old mail & sand from demo mail address. Now go to your old mail address & compose a mail. You can see your mail addresses …… Select anyone & sand mail.

Send email from other email services-1

Note it; without verification you cannot use this service.