3D Computer screen

Oh………… friend what a wonderful 3D. Which kind if that? Men are know 3D movie, 3D Picture etc. But are you know or see 3D Computer Screen? Many you know but somebody don’t know about it. This post is for unknown person. It is known for their which are use Linux.

By the by 3D Computer screen means multi screen. That means a monitor but more screen or desktop. I’m surprised you? Yea only 13.6 MB software name DeskSpace can do that. Look at bellow….

3D Computer screen (1)

3D Computer screen (2)3D Computer screen (3)

What can do this software?

  1. 3D Styles Desktop.
  2. 6 Desktop at a time.
  3. Changeable Desktop Using Mouse & Keyboard.
  4. Different Wallpaper for Different Desktop Screen.
  5. Keep Different Icon & Application in 6 Different Desktop Screens.

System Requirements

  1. Operating System        =Windows XP SP2/3, Vista, Windows-7, Windows-8.
  2. Processor                     =800 MHz  CPU
  3. RAM                           =256 MB
  4. Graphic                       =16 MB DirectX 8.1
  5. Space                           =38.00 MB

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