Windows Shortcut Keys & Its Function

Hi every one how are you. What’s about you? I wish all is well. Let’s start about Windows Shortcut Keys & Its Function.

This post is for windows xp user. Such men are known about it and such are not. This post for unknown user about this post. Here are some shortcut keys for windows. I write its shortcut key and its work. I promise that, this post must save your valuable time. This post may save your time & must keep easiest to use computer as dynamic style.

Shortcut Keys


Windows Show Start Menu
Windows + D Minimize/Restore All Windows & Show Desktop
Windows + E Show Windows Explorer
Windows + F Show Search in a File
Windows + Ctrl + F Show Search in Computer
Windows + F1 Show Windows Help & Support Center
Windows + R Show Run Command Box
Windows + L Lock Windows
Windows + U Show & open Utility Manager
Windows + shift + M Maximize All Windows
Windows + F Search for Computer
F3 Search for Computer
F2 Rename Folder or File (only selected one)
F5 Refresh Computer (first refresh by mouse)
Alt + F4 Exit all Windows (if someone is running)
Alt + F4 Turn Off Computer Option
Alt + Tab Open Minimizes Windows