Mozilla Firefox’s Shortcut Keys & Its Function

Hi friends no need to welcome let’s go to main topic. All are using Internet by Mozilla Firefox or others. By the by a wonderful post for whom, which are use Mozilla Firefox for internet. Somebody knows about it and somebody is not. This post is not for their, who are know about it. Let’s go who are known about it. There is some shortcut key which is use in Mozilla Firefox. By this shortcut keys you can use Mozilla Firefox easily and shortcut. It save your time & it will be easer your work. So let’s introduce this shortcut keys.

Shortcut Keys


Ctrl + A

Select All Text & Image on a Webpage

Ctrl + B

Open Bookmarks Sidebar

Ctrl + C

Copy Selected Text to Windows Clipboard

Ctrl + D

Bookmark of Current Webpage

Ctrl + F

Find Text in Current Webpage

Ctrl + G

Find More Text in Same Webpage

Ctrl + H

Opens Webpage History Sidebar

Ctrl + I

Open Bookmarks Sidebar

Ctrl + J

Open Download Dialogue Box

Ctrl + K

Places Cursor in The Web Search Box & Ready to Type Your Key

Ctrl + L

Places Cursor Into URL Box & Ready to Type Web Address

Ctrl + M

Open Your Mail Program OR Create a New Email Account

Ctrl + N

Open a New Mozilla Firefox Window

Ctrl + O

Open a Saved File

Ctrl + P

Print Current Webpage

Ctrl + R

Reloads Current Webpage

Ctrl + S

Save Current Webpage

Ctrl + T

Open a New Mozilla Firefox Tab

Ctrl + U

View Page Source of Current Webpage

Ctrl + V

Paste Contents of Windows Clipboard

Ctrl + W

Closes Tab or Window (if only one tab is open)

Ctrl + X

Cut Selected Text

Ctrl + Z

Undo Last Action


Opens Mozilla Firefox Help


Find or Search For Current Webpage


Reload Current Webpage


Toggles Cursor Between Address/URL Input Box & Current Webpage


Toggles Caret Browsing on & off. Used Able to Select Text on a Webpage With Keyboard


Switch to Full Screen