Stay Far From Virus by Safe Mode

Computer is a very important part for us to store document or others. On the other hand Virus is a very disgusting thing for us. Because virus damage our very important & valuable document or others. Mainly Virus comes from other computer via pen drive or internet. Suppose you use computer & send or copy, that means export or import data to or from other computer. To transfer a data, virus well transfer with it as like as glue. When & how it will transfer you can not see or understand.

By the by there is a way to stay far from virus as it is computers default system. Run your computer with safe mode & stay far from virus. The viruses can not transfer or copy when you start your computer with safe mode. It is easy to do that.

Now we showed the system steep by steep.

  1. Go to your Windows Run program from Start menu or Press Windows+R.
  2. Type msconfig & then Enter.
  3. Now you can see a tab like bellow.


  1. Click ► BOOT.INI SAFEBOOT (then automatically MINIMAL will clicked) ► Ok
  2. It will say Restart or Exit Without Restart.
  3. Then if you restart your computer, your computer will start with safe mode.

Note/ Reverse: To start your computer with normal mode Go to Runmsconfig BOOT.INI Check out SAFEBOOT BOOTOk. then restart your computer which start your computer with safe mode.