Stop Startup/Autorun With Windows

Hi how are you friends. I wish all is well. Today I discussion about autorun/autostart program, which are open with windows Startup. There are many unnecessary program starts with windows startup, which are taking a time to startup computer’s windows. So some unnecessary programs spend your valuable time. So if you wish to save your valuable time it should be stop/disable some unnecessary programs which are startup with windows.

How can you stop/disable autorun/autostart/autoplay?

There is an easy system to stop/disable unnecessary programs.

  1. Go to your Windows Run program from Start menu or Press Windows+R.
  2. Type msconfig & then Enter.
  3. Now you can see a tab like bellow.

Stop StartupAutorun With Windows

  1. After that click Startup & select/enable-deselect/disable ► Ok.

Condition: Which program are selected by tic they are startup with windows & which program are deselected (no tic) they are not startup with windows.

Which windows are supported?

  • Microsoft Windows 2000,
  • Windows XP both Service Pack 2 and 3,
  • Windows Server 2003 both Service Pack 2 and 3,
  • Style XP all editions.