Publish a Flash Website using cPanel

At a time I was create website using wordpress by HTML coding. At that time I was so happy. Ones a time I can create Flash website which are so designable from wordpress & HTML. After create flash website I can’t publish that. Now a day I can publish flash website using cPanel. It is very easy to publish. It will be easier to read this post. Here I describe it steep by steep.

First at all you have to create a flash website using Adobe flash, Dreamweaver or any other software. When you create flash website it have to save flash website named index.html. After create flash website some file and folder create automatically. Every file & folder is needed to publish your website. By the by all file and folder is need to upload to your panel.

Uploading system using panel:

1.Go to your cPanel & login by your own cPanel User name and Password.

cPanel Mail 112.Find File menu & Click File Manager under File menu ► Choose Web Root, ► Show Hidden Files ► Click Go.

Publish a Flash Website using cPanel-33.Now you can see this windows. Then click the Upload button.

Publish a Flash Website using cPanel-4

4.Open a new tab like bellow by clicking Upload Button. Now click Browse & select your fail. Firstly it will uploading & Secondly upload complete. By the by when a file will be uploading you can browse & upload another file.Publish a Flash Website using cPanel-5

Caution: If your flash website has any folder then you must create a new folder & upload file according to steep 3.