Send Mail From cPanel

Mail is a very important to a web browser, designer, bloger, owner, administrator to send and receive mail from Clint or others. By the by now a days web bloger, administrator, owner are use there own mail like or etc. then how is it possible send a mail from it. Now we describe that how can you send mail from your own mail using cPanel. It is very easy to do. It will be more easy when you read our this post clearly

We are describe it step by step

1. Firstly create a mail address like How can you create a mail account that we descried on another post.

2. After that login your cPanel by your own cPanel User name and Password.
cPanel Mail 11

3. Find Email Accounts and click there.
cPanel Mail (1)

4. After click Email Accounts you can see your own mail accounts and more option on right side. Then Click More ► Access Webmail.
cPanel Mail (2)

5. Then Log in with your mail address Password.
cPanel Mail (3)

6. Now you can see that your own mail is looged in and 3 systems like horde, roundcube & squirrelmail. Now you can click any one of that like Read Mail Using Morde, Read Maail Using RoundCube, and Read Mail Using SquirrelMail.
cPanel Mail (4)

7. Then you can use it like gmail & yahoo mail. After all use Compose, Inbox, Drafts, Sent & Trast etc to sand or receive and sent mail from your