Partition without any software

Computer partition is a most important for a computer and its user. Men create partition for their own purposes. It may be computer partition created form 1 partition to more. Your hard disk drive spaces have to dividing into many parts for various kinds of purposes.

No need any software.
Saving time.
You can backup your document copy.
Partition with NTFS, FAT, FAT32.
Fix errors on your disk space and recover lost sectors.

By the by it is very easy. Then it will be more easies when you read this post and understand it perfectly. Let’s learn about it……………….

Go to Start Menu ► My Computer ►Manage ► Disk Management


Supposed M1(F:) Drive dividing onto many parts.
Right click ► Delete Partition ►


Then your M1(F:) Drive will be Unallocated
After that
Right click on Unallocated ► New Partition ► Next/Yes/Ok ►
When New Partition Wizard Dialog Box is shown. Then you should modify your partition space as 25000 MB to any MB.


Then ► Next/Yes/Ok ►