Web Status by Web Rank Toolbar 4 SEO

For SEO you should know Search Status. For it you may need page rank, indexed and backlinks. A plugin name Web Rank Toolbar provide you page rank, indexed and backlinks checker on your browser with out any click. Specifically this plugin has used to check Google rank, Alexa rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, Pages indexed in Google, Pages indexed in Bing, Pages indexed in Yahoo, Backlinks according to Google, Backlinks according to Bing, Backlinks according to Yahoo, Backlinks according to Alexa, Share count at Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc without any click. If you install on your browser all of SEO tool shown it on your browser automatically. When you entered a website it shown on toolbar. Now you can easily install it on your browser by reading this post. Let’s learn how we can install this Web Rank Toolbar on our Mozilla Firefox browser.

Here is two way to install Web Rank Toolbar.

Number one

Click Tools►Add-ons on your Mozilla Firefox browser. Or as a keyboard shortcut press Ctrl+Shift+A. then you can see…………..

Web Rank Install-1

After that search by keyword “Web Rank Toolbar”. Then you can see……

Web Rank Install-2
Now install it by clicking “Install” button.

Number two

Go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/webrank-toolbar-pagerank-alexa/ then click Add to Firefox►Install.

Web Rank Install-3

Restart your Mozilla Firefox browser after install Web Rank Tool on both process one and two.

All after you can see google rank, alexa rank and meny other thing look like so……..

Web Rank Install-4