Details of RGB Color With HTML

RGB, full meaning Red, Green, Blue. Mainly a computer displayed a picture or contain with RGB color. As a base color RGB color is all of modified color. You can make more then more, more and more color to combination RGB color. For a computer RGB color range from 000-255. As an example if you mix RGB color at a time on according to its range 255.255.255 then it will shown white color, for 000.000.000 shown it black color, for 255.255.000 shown it yellow color, for 255.000.255 shown it magenta color. To such way you can create more, more and more color by mixing RGB color.


Color Name HTML Code Display Color RGB Color Combination
Red #FF0000 255.000.000
Green #00FF00 000.255.000
Blue #0000FF 000.000.255