Describe about HTML & its Opening

HTML is a markup language, which means *Hyper Text Markup Language*. Which create a web page, post or blog and show on the Web Browser. By the by a Web Browser doesn’t display HTML code. A Web Browser is to read HTML coding & scan or compose them into visible page and uses HTML code to content of a Web Page.

There is various kind of web coding such as XML, CSS, Java Script, HTML etc. All of them HTML coding is the best coding.

To start html coding click on Start Menu ► All Programs ► Accessories ► Notepad and save is on html file. Manually Notepad is a .txt file, but it must be save it on .html file.

Then to Create a web site, at first you need an html opening code and html closing code.

Body is another part of web site content. Which is stay between Opening and Closing Code and that is the content of your web page or site.