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payment method

Payment will goes to Webex account

Here are such types of bank information bellow which are representing only for Webex International Ltd. Any kind of little amount goes to Webex account. Clint must pay 60% advance payment with work order for website design & development. 40% due payment within 5 days after complete the full project. Client must provide all content with work order. On the other hand the renewal payment must pay the below information within it's last renewal date.

Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

A/c Name : Webex International
Address : Gazipur Chowrasta Branch
A/c Number : 20501580100671501

payment by Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd
payment by Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking

Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking

A/c Number : 017124414636
A/c Type : Nonagent or Personal


A/c Number : 01712441463
A/c Type : Nonagent or Personal

payment by Bkash
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